Sunday, March 14, 2010


I saw two adults fighting by the Light Rail today while I was on a bike ride--physically fighting.

They both looked like big children, the man dangling keys in front of the woman, both of them shoving each other, throwing punches.  Eventually the woman had the man on the ground and was kicking him in the head.  He ran off and I biked up to the woman to see if she was ok.  Flustered, she said she was.  The cops pulled up a minute later.

I hate the world right now.
I don't know how to feel.

What do you pray in moments like this?  "Help.  Please intervene," is all I could get out.  It makes you want to get into your apartment and lock the door and hide.

The world is not how it should be.  There is a lot of darkness.  We have to make a choice--either we can hide, lock ourselves up, and pretend that the world is neat and tidy, or decide that we are going to do what we can in a small way to bring God's kingdom to earth.  I want to choose to bring light, to choose to give hope, to love instead of avoid or hate the world.

Well, maybe right now hating the world sounds like a better option. I'll come around eventually.

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