Saturday, March 13, 2010

Electric "Hand" Grinder

I got a new toy today.  After a few months of deliberation/obsessing/dreaming, I finally bought a new grinder.  It is a Hario (Japanese) skinny hand grinder.  All over the internet are great reviews.  The problem with home grinders is that there isn't a market for grinders that do a good drip grind.  The money all comes from people with $1000 espresso machines, not me.  So finding a quality grinder that can suit a pour over is problematic.  

This Hario grinder does a great job.  It is able to make powder fine enough for espresso (with a lot of laboring), a consistent grind for drip, and an excellent crush for the press.  Here is a picture of its range:
The only problem is that you have to crank it.  Of course, after having it out of the box for only about 12 minutes, I already began thinking of a solution:  

When you take the handle off, there is a convenient hex rod--perfect for my electric drill.  Now I can clamp it on, and barely pull the trigger--simulating the speed I would crank at.  Will I actually use this in the morning routine? No.  But if I didn't try it, it would have swam around in my head until I was attempting it in my sleep.

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